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Friday, 23 June 2017

"Umwelt theory revisited" presentation at NASS X scheduled for June 30th

My presentation "Umwelt theory revisited - contemporary Uexküllian thought in 10 points" has been scheduled for presentation at the 10th conference of the Nordic Association for Semiotic Studies (Kaunas, Lithuania June 26th to 30th) on Friday June 29th at 9.00-9.30.

Uexküllian phenomenology presentation scheduled for June 29th

My presentation "Uexküllian phenomenology" has been scheduled for presentation at the 13th World Congress of Semiotics (Kaunas, Lithuania June 26th to 30th), in the session "Biosemiotics in dialogue", on Thursday June 29th at 9.00-9.30.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

To take part in two panels at MAC4, Mexico City

I will take part in a panel on "Animals and philosophy", and another on "Animals, history and ethology" during Minding Animals Conference 4, which is to be held in Mexico City January 17-24th 2018.

EMP151 field work summary composed and distributed

I have earlier this Spring composed a 7 pp. popular science summary of field work conducted in Norway Spring 2015 as part of the research project "Animals in changing environments: Cultural mediation and semiotic analysis". Today I distributed it via email to interviewees. The video-recorded interviews were about wolves and related animals.

Four bachelor theses graded

I have finished grading four bachelor theses in social work, as the internal examiner.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Record-high Impact Factor for Biosemiotics

The Impact Factor for Biosemiotics for 2016 has been released - a record high 0.964.

Panel participation at MAC4?

I have signalled interest in taking part in three panels at Minding Animals Conference 4, to take place in Mexico City next January, particularly "Ecophilosophy".